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Since I last updated this blog, I got a job at 906 Technologies, a local computer repair and website development shop. This was driven by my need to get out of my childhood home and become independent, but it has turned into one of the most useful learning experiences of my life. We primarily work on web projects using the LAMP paradigm (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). I have worked on a number of web projects before I came to work here, but this is where I learned of the true power of the web. While the web is still young and has it’s share of difficulties, it has become clear to me that HTML5 is the development platform of the future. It is simply fruitless to start a piece of software on any other platform. By the time it’s ready, the world will be done with your platform, and it will be demanding your software to work on devices you never intended it to work on. HTML5 lessens this burden extensively.

HTML5 goes hand in hand with the cloud. And while the cloud has its share of both patrons and detractors, HTML5 is now reaching levels of performance which make it attractive as a local, native platform. And it can easily become a local, native platform as soon as you equip a computer with a (secured) web server.

And this was the foundation for my decision to reboot Silverscreen, my HTPC solution. Silverscreen before was a C# app written to utilize GStreamer and OpenGL to deliver video in gorgeous fashion to the television and film enthusiasts among us. C# as a platform has serious issues in terms of ease-of-deployment, and is very philosophically limited in it’s use on non-Microsoft platforms. C# also has less support out of the box from content vendors. The most ironic situation was my near inability to interface directly with Netflix, despite the fact that Netflix is delivered using Microsoft Silverlight, which is a platform based on C# and .NET.

Yes, an HTPC application built in HTML5, but also deliverable as an application just like Boxee or XBMC. This means Silverscreen will work without installation from the web, or it can be downloaded and installed and enjoyed when no network connection is around. 

I have replaced C# with the Web, and it opens new possibilities which will change the course of entertainment history forever.


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