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Chuck is too good of a show to go out with only 2 seasons, just as it starts to really fly creatively. It’s currently on the bubble between renewal and cancellation. The Subway campaign for the finale went swimmingly but we can’t stop there! Here are some ways you can help.

– Sign both these petitions to tell NBC we want it renewed

– Send a box of Nerds to NBC at:
NBC’s “Chuck”
Attn: Ben Silverman
3000 W Alameda Ave., Admin Bldg
Burbank, CA 91523

NBC’s “Chuck”
Attn: Angela Bromstad
100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg 1320E 4th Floor
Universal City, CA 91608

– Head over to Hulu and watch some episodes of Chuck even if you’ve already seen them all. Write a review for the show and make sure to rate the episodes (come on, five stars!)

– Stop by the NBC messageboards and post some messages showing your support for the show:

– Here’s a form where you can send your own message to NBC:

– Go to Digg and digg up all the Save Chuck articles you can find with the search feature. Search for things like ‘chuck renew’, ‘save chuck’, etc

– Buy the DVDs and merchandise from NBC’s site (the store works too but the decision will be made by Friday, the site gets the numbers to NBC quicker)

– Send letters to NBC (Chuck himself gives you some addresses in this post)


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