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“Ubuntu is so great because of the six month release cycle!”

I’ll tell you the story of me trying to upgrade Mono to version 2.4 and KDE to 4.2.2 on my Ubuntu 8.04 LTS box. Well there actually isn’t a story unless you want to hear about me searching for answers that don’t exist. I could compile Mono if I really wanted to, but I really don’t. KDE, though, is a royal pain in the ass, just barely easier than building the new modularized X server packaging. No way.

It’s rather stupid that there don’t seem to be ANY packages available for a LONG TERM RELEASE, not even from third party or backports. These are major pieces of software which have very fast release cycles- they deserve to be supported on Canonical’s current flagship Ubuntu.

In the case of Mono only version 2.0 is supported in Ibex iirc, because Mono has been throwing out releases almost as if they were trying to catch up with something.

sigh Fuck it I guess I have to upgrade. Grr.


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