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I’ve been quietly sharing a tool I’ve made to search isoHunt’s massive torrent index from the comfort of your desktop (without loading Firefox!). This is possible thanks to isoHunt’s new JSON web service which allows applications to integrate the search functionality directly, without scraping any HTML.

It supports all the features of the web service including sort by seeds, paging, links to the isohunt torrent page and direct torrent downloads.

I wrote it in C# using the excellent JSON.NET library by James Newton King. You will need the .NET Framework version 3.5 to run it (especially Vista users).

Honestly I’m doing this just for the hell of it. But if you find it useful, great! It’s released under the GPL version 3, so feel free to do anything you want within the constraints of that license.

This is the second release of this tool, but the first to be publically recorded in a blog. Grab the release from the downloads section of my website.


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