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I have written the basis for a new version of Slicker, an idea for a new kind of panel system which uses cards that sit at the screen edge. Originally designed by ‘fop’ and posted at, the design entails using “cards” as the basic unit of the panel. These cards can be moved along any edge of the screen, and can be stacked on top of each other. Clicking on a card results in it “extending” outward away from the edge and revealing it’s applet, that provides the card’s functionality. A smaller “miniview” can always be seen on the head of the card when it is retracted, and can provide a bit of information about the status of whatever it is the card is doing.

I was one of the original developers from Slicker, but life took me elsewhere when I decided to stop developing C++ code and start developing C#. Shortly after I left, Slicker disbanded in favor of Plasma, the newly announced kicker+kdesktop replacement for KDE4. When I heard about it I didn’t much agree (the information on Plasma was sparse and said nothing about using the cards concept)– but I figured I’d wait it out until Plasma came out. If it had provided the card concept which I was so enamored with I would’ve been content with that but it didn’t. So, I guess it has come full circle because now one day I will have a Slicker implementation to use on my own desktop, and the idea will be realized.


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