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It occurred to me today that what our country needs is a blast of innovation. We need a President whose call is to “not be evil“. That’s why I think the founders of Google will be the best option for our country in 2008. With Google’s head boys in charge, our country would probably see the abolishment of software patents, serious work to combat social issues like global warming, health, and poverty.

Net neutrality would be given a serious chance with a President who will put it on Congress’ agenda, and maybe, just maybe, the US can drop it’s greedy Internet Backbone attachment so we can get control of the Internet into an international body, protecting the Internet’s infrastructure from political agenda.

Health care, although conceivably not a main point on the duo’s agenda, would be given more than a fair chance, considering the overwhelming evidence available globally that suggests that universal health care is a sustainable system and that it bears no damage to our free market economy.

In summation, we need an innovative President who will offer an ear to the growing progressivist movement in the US. I think Larry and Sergey would do just that, and maybe stop a world war in the process.


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