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Here’s an update on my recent works. Our story left off at enhancing the page allocator and pager code that I’ve written for the SharpOS kernel. Since then I’ve spent my time (what time I have between other obligations) doing a number of things:

Extracting ADC from PageAllocator

I’ve started to work out the logistics for an ADC module. Many things remain unclear. It’s obvious that in an ideal situation we’d want each ADC layer to be placed in individual DLLs which can be AOT-compiled-in when we build the kernel. This allows us to only have to build the kernel once for all platforms supported with ADC (:-D). However, at this point in the game the AOT can’t do multi-DLL compilation (but I think only a small change is required). Right now I’ve got two ADCs, SharpOS.ADC.X86 and SharpOS.ADC.Generic. I’ve posted X86 in my sandbox folder, but the usefulness of Generic (which is really just a ‘null’ implementation) is shaky.

AOT branch

I also started my own AOT branch which has some nice trivial changes for things like option support and output verbosity. The most notable thing I did was write a few scripts and embed them as resources so the AOT would be able to generate a DOS floppy image for testing, directly after compilation (and automatic :-D). This should speed up the testing process a bit, as creating the image files for testing is a real pain on both Windows and Linux.


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    • Johan Hernandez
    • Posted September 12, 2007 at 3:46 PM
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    You and your team are doing an awesome work with SharpOS!


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