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I am currently working on a foundation layer for the SharpOS kernel in the form of a runtime and utility library. The utility library is going to turn out kind of like a C library for C#, providing a String object, an Array object, various linked lists, etc. The runtime has now merged with SharpGC in terms of in what assembly it is (SharpOS.Runtime.dll), and the delegate use has been squelched because I don’t think we’re going to have an easy time converting delegates to function pointers and back again. Instead, the GC takes a reference to a Runtime* object when it is created and it calls methods on that runtime when it needs to do object-walking and runtime finalization. Oh, I’ve also moved the Heap* object to the SharpOS.Memory library along with the MemoryManager prototype. This makes more sense in terms of what the Heap does and the namespace it’s been occuping (SharpOS.Memory as opposed to SharpOS.Runtime).

I am now working on tests for the EIC objects, then I will look to expanding the set to a few more utilities, and perhaps integrating bmarkham’s Math object. Lots to do in SharpOS land.


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