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I’m currently working on a garbage collector written in C# for the SharpOS project. It’s an interesting project as the code must avoid making use of new managed objects to keep track of the old ones. Without managed objects I’m left with two possibilities–deal directly with unmanaged memory space and pointers or I can have the runtime have all objects explicitly implement an interface which includes the size of the GC tracking data in the size to be allocated. So the GC indirectly allocates the resources necessary to track it implicitly. This work is dependent on having a VMM to handle paging, swapping, etc. Chriss said he looked into it and will handle writing it. The GC code I have currently implements all the appropriate System.GC methods/members which are useful.

I’m following a site that lists the basic compacting/generational GC design. I’ll write more as I make the code more capable.


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